Make This Your Year!

Learn How To Shred Fat and Live Confidently In A Sustainable Way With Flexible Nutrition and Exercise Plans


Nutrition Plans

Macro based plans that changes as your body changes. No food restrictions, no cookie-cutter meal plan. Eat what you want while working towards your dream body.

Exercise Plans

Exercise plans that are tailored to the equipment available to you and the workout style best for your schedule.

Mindset & Habit Training

We coach you on the best lifestyle habits that fit your schedule to help reduce your stress and clear your mind. Discipline over motivation is key and we help you achieve that!

1:1 Coaching/Support

No group calls or group coaching! It's truly 1:1 access to your own personal coach.


Unlimited Access To Your Expert Health Coach

In addition to your daily nutrition targets, your coach can provide support on everything from meal planning, grocery shopping, determining the perfect fitness routine, and mindset/habit training to achieve a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Outside of the twice a week check-ins, you get daily text message access!


Comprehensive Resources

Gain access to a library of recipes and food guides to find meals that fit within your target, and just as importantly, taste good.


Easy-To-Use Meal Tracker

Keep up with all your daily goals, track your progress and send messages to your coach with our simple smartphone app.


All-Inclusive Health Advice

Your nutrition works in tandem with your fitness, sleep, and stress management. Your nutrition coach will make sure that all of your 4 are working toward results.


Informed Accountability

Using two check-ins a week, your coach will go over your progress and adjust your plan to ensure continued success.


Community of Encouragement

Don’t go at it alone! Experience your journey with a group of others ready to offer support. Share tips, tricks, and even more recipes in our private Facebook group!


After receiving her degree in dietetics, Meag Hengeveld was inspired to share her knowledge and personal recovery from an eating disorder to help others overcome their struggles with food.

Through Your4, she now uses her expertise to guide others to take control over how they think about food and live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


Check out the transformations of our awesome clients! These before and afters weren't achieved by luck. They weren't achieved by some "magic" pill, juice cleanse, or fake weight loss injection scheme. These results were attained from hard work, dedication, and trusting the process all while being accompanied every step of the way by an expert coach.

Meaghan's Video Testimonial

"I was always trying to lose weight. My doctors telling me to and my parents were encouraging me, but nothing ever really stuck.

It wasn’t maintainable. It was just a couple of months of hard work and then it would just slip away with one bad diet or cheat day.

After Your4® I feel like I’ve gotten my life back because I've not only built a healthy relationship with food and exercise

but I also feel like I can just live again"


Katie's Video Testimonial

“It was mentally freeing more than anything.

It led to confidence in my own skin.

I can look at bathing suits and not be worried

or concerned with going to the beach with my friends.

I’ve been able to go the beach with confidence without

feeling like I have to wear a towel around myself.

I can still enjoy traveling and drinking with

my friends while still fueling my body."


"Guys, didn't just help me lose lbs and inches, they gave me the confidence to live again without feeling the need to hide!

I've always been insecure about my body, and maybe one day I won't be, but I know TODAY, I'm not as insecure as I was 4 months ago (or 4 years ago), and

that wouldn't be possible if I had not committed to them and trusted them!!! They've helped me understand how to fuel my body and what a healthy relationship with food looks like, and it has been life changing (which is why I can't stop talking about them)!

-Katie B.

"I recommend this to anyone who asks me about how I lost so much weight. I'm not saying it isn't work, but the results are visible and I just FEEL better. This program allows you to be you. It fits your lifestyle and goals. You get to eat the foods you like, and get a coach, you look better, you feel better. There is no magic way to health, the science is out there. Nutrition and exercise are the key."


"It was tough at first - not gonna lie. It is a complete shift in thinking about food and how it works. I really had to begin to believe in the importance of protein. I also had to learn to read labels, not dissect them, like most people think you do. Just learn to look for certain things and understand what they mean. I sing the praises of Your4® to everyone I meet. People can actually SEE my weight loss, which is nice - they will ask me what I have done. My clothes don't fit me well anymore - which is nice. I have actually started buying smaller sizes. I know I have a long way to go, but I also realize now that it can be done - actually by ME."


"I loved working with Your4. At 41 years old, I can say that I feel stronger and more confident than ever before. The program is a great fit for my lifestyle. I was so excited to find that it isn't hard to follow: you don't have to eat any weird food, and it's not restrictive (it's true, carbs are your friend!).

I feel like I could be the poster child for non-scale victories. I lost only 6 pounds but more than 19 inches, and I can definitely see some muscles I didn't know I had! I came to Your4 with the goal of improving my body composition, and I'm so proud of what we accomplished!"


"I knew I needed 2021 to be a year of health and wholeness. I also knew nutrition would be a critical piece of that puzzle. Working with Your4 has been a highlight of my year. My energy and overall sense of “feeling well” has dramatically increased as I have learned what foods our bodies need.

The Your4 program has exceeded my expectations in every way. I have much greater joy in eating than ever before. Your4 was available, encouraging, and constantly sought to tailor things to match my needs and situation. I am beyond thankful that I now have a foundation for a lifetime of health".


"The progress is so rewarding to see! I'm so glad you make clients do pics. I was soooo discouraged when I posted those first 3 pics, but about halfway through I really started noticing changes. I looked the other day at all 3 and compared, and was just shocked that I ever let myself get so unhealthy. 

I'm just so grateful Your4 was recommended to me! I think I had almost decided that I was just stuck at a weight I would never lose. I know it's not all about just losing weight. I feel better and healthier now too!"


"I just completed 3 months with your4. I turned 60 in November. It seemed hard. My weight was drifting up and though I have probably been successful on my own losing weight for most of my life, I felt unmotivated and kind of overwhelmed by my life circumstances. I was just poking around “your4”, looking for a few tips and was encouraged to just go ahead and sign up. I did. I have been athletic most of my life and stay fairly active but gravity was having its way with my body if you know what I mean.

The accountability that I entered into was more important that I ever thought I needed. While it required a lot of commitment on my part in logging food and being intentional about what I was eating, the encouragement and interaction I received made it so worth while. I also felt the program would not be sustainable for me because of the changes I would have to make. I was wrong. It has helped me make good changes and want to keep them.

I have also had specific indulgences that were enjoyable at a much higher and rewarding level. When I looked back on the progress, which was painstakingly looked after by my personal coach, I felt a deeper satisfaction for what I had accomplished than any diet I had been on in the past. I hope to continue as an alumni to stay accountable and connected. Thanks, 60 isn’t looking too bad these days!♥️"


"My journey with Your4 started in April of 2019. I had just graduated, and due to stress, was heavier than I had ever been in my life. I had been at my gym since it opened, but because I was in no way watching what I ate, I was not seeing progress and getting discouraged.

When I started the program, I had tried all of the crash diets and had lost weight but gained it right back. I weighed over 170 pounds, which was far heavier than I had ever been, and I felt like I was at a very low point in my life. Since that time, I have stayed consistent with tracking my macros, getting more sleep, and being in the gym consistently to manage my stress.

I have lost 17 inches and over 30 pounds. Your4 is not a crash diet. It is truly a long-term, lifestyle change that will help you achieve your goals both personally and in the gym. I think the pictures can show you the true impact Your4 has made on my life. There are always ups and downs and life gets in the way sometimes, but Your4 has been there every step of the way and has never given up on me!

Your4 is more than a diet, it is a lifelong commitment to being the best possible version of yourself with all of the support to be successful."


"The Your4 program was something I didn't really know I needed. I have always been thin, but I wasn't sleeping well, I was stressed, and exhausted all the time. I work out three times a week and get adequate sleep so I knew it had to be something else going on.

Your4 showed me that I wasn't fueling my body AT ALL! I was depriving it of its nutrients. This meant although I was working out I wasn't giving my body what it needed to perform its best. Now, after 3 months I feel better than ever and losing 9.5 inches doesn't is just the icing on the cake.

I didn't start this program to get skinnier. I wanted to be a better person from the inside out. I wanted to show my kids, especially my three girls, that food is fuel if eaten properly. Not something to be scared of."


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